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LiuGong, one of the world's leading construction machinery manufacturers, makes a historic entry into the Guinean market by offering a comprehensive range of high-quality equipment. Through its partnership with IBS Group, LiuGong establishes its presence in Guinea, providing construction industry professionals with a complete solution for their construction machinery needs.

A Revolutionary Presence in Guinea

LiuGong takes great pride in introducing its products to the Guinean market. The Chinese company, founded in 1958 in Liuzhou, is globally recognized for manufacturing top-of-the-line construction machinery. Today, LiuGong becomes a key player in Guinea, offering a full range of high-performance products to support the development of the construction sector in the country.

Premium Quality Products to Meet All Needs

LiuGong offers a vast range of construction machinery, precision-engineered to adapt to the diverse requirements of the industry. Guinean professionals will now have access to cutting-edge equipment covering all aspects of construction. Flagship products include hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, compactors, graders, and forklifts. Each piece of equipment is manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring optimal performance, exceptional durability, and increased productivity on Guinean construction sites.

A Strategic Collaboration with IBS Group

LiuGong has chosen IBS Group as its official partner in Guinea to ensure the success of its market entry. IBS Group, a leading Guinean company in technology, HR, logistics, and consulting services, offers unparalleled local expertise and in-depth knowledge of the Guinean market's needs. This strategic partnership will provide customers with comprehensive support, offering specialized advice, technical assistance services, maintenance, and spare parts for LiuGong products.

A Catalyst for Construction Development in Guinea

LiuGong's arrival in Guinea marks a significant turning point for the country's construction sector. With its comprehensive range of premium construction machinery, LiuGong offers Guinean professionals a complete solution for their construction projects. This collaboration between LiuGong and IBS Group catalyzes Guinea's economic development by enhancing local expertise and providing cutting-edge equipment to accelerate projects and improve efficiency on construction sites.

IBS Group, Your Preferred Partner for LiuGong Construction Equipment in Guinea

IBS Group is your gateway to LiuGong products in Guinea, offering an exceptional opportunity to access a full range of high-quality construction machinery. Through our official partnership with LiuGong, we can provide you with reliable, high-performance, and

durable equipment to meet all your construction needs.

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