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Global reach. Local impact.

IBS is Africa-born and Africa-focused, our history and our future intricately intertwined with the transformative development of the continent.


We believe our global connections and expertise come with the responsibility to advance Africa’s transformation, and to make a long-lasting and sustainable impact on local economic development, environment and communities.


To build the new Africa, we are building up local capabilities with the help of our international partners, ensuring that a greater and greater share of value can be added locally, and retained locally.


Join us at the forefront of Africa’s transformation.

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Our Commitments

IBS is dedicated to making a positive local impact through its activities and its key commitments.



Sustainability is more than a buzzword for IBS – it’s about taking incisive action at the local level. Through our global network, IBS is ensuring that companies, public-sector organisations and local communities in Africa have affordable access to clean and reliable energy infrastructure.


Education & Opportunity

When you give people what they need to grow and succeed, everything else falls into place. IBS is committed to investing in local people, because their success is our success. We don’t just hire local people to do a job – we create a path that they can follow, build a career on, and reach a whole new level of personal and professional development.



With our partners, IBS is contributing to the sustainable industrialisation and economic development of Africa. We are actively involved in mining, construction and assembly projects across the continent, developing local competencies with each new project. IBS is also a proud leader of non-profit community initiatives that develop critical facilities and infrastructure in Guinea and West Africa.

Quality of Life


Comfort, safety and wellbeing – it’s what we all want from life, and it’s what IBS wants for the people living and working on the sites we support. Isolated environments come with their own unique challenges: reliable power generation, secure utilities, comfortable living conditions. Whether it’s a mining site or a remote village, our commitment is the same – to provide the highest possible standard of living through technical and operational excellence.

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